Where the Definition of Beauty Lies

I wrote this post on Facebook back in 2013. Many women still need to hear this and embrace the way God has made them. God has made each of us unique and we should not be ashamed about being unique!
Be blessed 🙂

My Post from 2013:
I recently had encouragement from a brother and sister in Christ who identified my faith and wisdom. I had patients that I know and love tell me that they admire me and appreciate what I’ve done for them. Yet, I didn’t feel worthy of these compliments and I wondered why. My black sisters will understand when I say my thinking has been influenced by how the media portrays us. On top of that some of the men in the culture give us a bad wrap. So, if I’m a child of God, why am I listening to what the media says or the negativity of others? Why am I choosing to be defined this way? I’m defined by my Lord and Savior who created me as I am in the first place. If you my sisters realize this, there is no room for jealousy of others or self loathing. I know it’s hard to escape what is being said about you and it can cut to the heart and make you cry, but I for one chose to be defined by God and not the media or society. I choose to embrace the advice and encouragement of those in Christ who know me and love me.

A Different Perspective

Weathington Park

Section, AL

Cool thing about taking pictures is you can visit the same place and capture a different perspective. The picture will be different but still pretty. Same with approaching scripture you have read before. You will read it one day with one interpretation that has meaning to you. Another day you may approach it and get a different meaning that still has an impact in your life. That being said, listen to what God tells you concerning scripture even if you’re “familiar” with it. There is always a different lesson to be learned.

History is not obliged to make you feel good. Its job is to tell you who you are and where you came from so you can pass that down to your children, and maybe anchor them in identity-and purpose-beyond that imparted to them by the video channel.
-Leonard Pitts Jr.

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Strive For Peace

It saddens me to see so much violence. It breaks my heart to see people in so much pain. It kills me when others can’t get along. People mistrust those in authority whose aim is to protect us. Humans warring against each other makes me ill. African Americans in particular mistrust those who are sworn to protect them and from what is being seen in the media for good reason. But it pains me to see that African Americans are tempted to fall into this trap of misgiving and many fall. I know for sure this is the work of the Evil one to divide people when this is the very time everyone needs to come together to war against violence. Violence does nothing but divide and causes horrible heartache for those involved. I hope we continue to keep communication open between us all and strive to get out of our comfort zones for the sake of others. Until my Lord and Savior comes back, the world will never ideally be at peace. However, God does call us to keep the peace as far as it depends on each of us (Romans 12:18). No more whining and moaning about the way things are, let’s do whatever we can to make the world a better place so God can be pleased with how we have lived our lives.

I pray for all those who are grieving the fallen police officers in Dallas, Philando Castile, and Alton Sterling. Violence is never the answer. Dr. Martin Luther King died trying to make that clear. Now, officers and families are the victims of the darkness in a person’s heart that festered in evil thoughts.

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