Don’t Waste The Struggle

Hello everyone! Hope you’re doing well despite all the craziness. Cabin fever is definitely real right now!

 We’re well into this COVID-19 dilemma and some are not so worried and others are pretty scared. I came across a theme from Wisdom for the Heart and my meditation app. The theme was spiritual growth. My meditation emphasized that I should always be growing as one of my mantras. Stephen Davey from Wisdom for the Heart talked about how this time of uncertainty and waiting is definitely a struggle. However, he stated that this struggle shouldn’t be wasted, which was an interesting thing to say. I can truly say that my mind has been preoccupied by many different things and not always on the One I love the most. I remember looking at what is coming up this year and just noticed how busy it was going to be. With this pandemic going on with its uncertainty, there is definitely a possibility that I will be less busy this year. But I got to sit down and wrestle with thoughts that I have ignored due to being busy. These are thoughts I didn’t want to acknowledge because of the pain that comes and showing me flaws in my thinking. But facing them allowed me to grow in this period of waiting and to be grateful for everything that I’m blessed with now. I’m especially grateful for my health with what I do for a living. Also, unexpected things are happening with me too because of this pandemic but I have confidence that God will take care of me and I will always be where He needs me to be. Even in the uncertain and painful times. So, with what’s going on for us right now we can only emerge stronger from this and discover how creative we all can actually be (like delivering tissue by using a drone). I believe the struggle we are experiencing now will not be wasted but will serve as a reminder and a tool for what is important. I’m grateful for my brothers and sisters in Christ who are checking in on me no matter where you guys are from, to my co-workers who I honestly think are laughing to keep from crying but still make the clinic a good place to be, and to my dance teachers at Arthur Murray for continuing lessons online with all their crazy antics.

To all you people spreading encouragement and kindness with scriptures, writings and quotes please continue to do so. I’m uplifted by these for sure. Also continue to laugh like my co-workers. It is still very good medicine. Love to my brothers and sisters near and far, take care of yourselves not just with washing your hands and social distancing but with your spiritual and mental health as well.

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