Rose Colored Reality (Poem)

Perception is reality would you agree?

What we’re taught shapes what we want to be

Don’t most follow this way?

Won’t this make me happy day by day?

I will pray and search for this day in the sun

And I won’t waiver like others have done!

Years go on and interesting things happen in life

You experience firsts with a little bit of strife

“This happens to everyone,” you tell yourself

Still not having opened that dream upon the shelf.

“Someday, someday I will open this gift with gladness,

And I will not give in to the temporary sadness.”

Years go by and others have realized the dream

And this has not yet happened for you it would seem

“Why no interest? Are we not close to each other?”

Yet delight is found not with you but with another

“I don’t understand!” and you wonder why

As you put your head on your pillow and cry

Years march on and you begin to despair

And notice others are taking on more care

You wonder if this dream will ever come true for you

As you try to broaden your search for you know who

Yet, there still seems to be little luck you’re finding

As you notice the time somehow keeps on winding

Little do you notice gifts in easy reach on a table or chair

Because you want so desperately for your dream to be there

“These things are not as glorious as my dream!”

As you turn them away and burn with steam

“Why am I being punished this way?

Am I doomed to feel sadness day by day?”

Perception is reality would you agree?

What we’re taught shapes what we want to be

But what if there is a different way?

A different way to be happy day by day?

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket is a good phrase

As you navigate life and all it’s crazy maze!

A rose colored reality is a dangerous thing

It sucks out so much joy life can bring

You miss out on so much life can offer you

When you’re constantly thinking about what makes you sad and blue

Be grateful and content. Know that you’re blessed!

Then and only then can you find your true rest.