Be An Influence…Even As A Female

I haven’t written something in a while. Kinda going through a writer’s block I guess. Anyway, my church in Huntsville brought up the topic of gender roles which has been controversial between the Church of Christ denominations. I’m not writing this to tell you my stance on the issue, but something for my sisters to be thinking about. I have traveled to different churches, some were very conservative and others pretty progressive that do things that would definitely bother conservative churches. When it comes to the more conservative churches, some of my sisters wonder where they fit and may feel stifled by what they can’t do because they are female. It breaks my heart to know that some of my sisters feel as if they can’t be effective because they are a woman. One thing I have noticed when I traveled was no matter the church, I aimed to encourage. And my presence at every church did not go unnoticed, conservative or progressive. I’m not saying that to brag. I’m saying that because I’m a single female who makes an impact because of the gift of encouragement given to me from the One I love the most. I can make an impact anywhere God has placed me. I have the ability to influence through the words I speak. So my encouragement to those reading is this, don’t focus on the things in the church you’re not allowed to do, but think of everything that you can do. Ask Him for insight on what your gifts are. And don’t just think about the church you’re currently attending, your brothers and sisters are all over this world. We need to aim to help all of our brothers and sisters. I hope my sisters are especially encouraged by this. Love to all my brothers and sisters near and far.