Closure Necessary?

Greetings ladies and gentlemen! So, for awhile I’ve been thinking about closure in many aspects from relationships, friendships and family bonds. Closure is something we seek to be able to move on with life. But, a lot can agree with me that sometimes life doesn’t always afford you closure. I can think of 5 things in my life I don’t have closure on. I’m going to keep specifics out for privacy of others. I’ve dealt with harm coming to me and wondering if justice would come for many years, people who I adore who don’t talk to me anymore for whatever reason despite me reaching out, and people passing away without knowing the reason why. Is it a strong desire for me to have an answer for these things that have happened? Yes. Do I have to have an answer to these things to live a meaningful life? No. The reason why I don’t need an answer is because the One I love the most holds all the answers and at the end of my life I will know everything I need to know. If closure always happened here on earth and every answer provided for me here, I wouldn’t look to heaven for my answers or peace or comfort during hard times. Our focus should ALWAYS be on Him, whether or not we have an answer. Depend upon Him when you don’t have an answer you’ve been seeking for years. Also, others who are struggling like you may need help with making peace with their situation. So, don’t hesitate to help. For my brothers and sisters struggling right now, know I’m always praying for you and that you can find peace in Him who knows every fabric of your being. Love to all of you.😘💗