We Are His Greatest Creation!

I’ve been thinking lately about all the ways humans are created in God’s image. I also thought alot about the beauty of creation and how humans are still a greater creation than all the beauty of the earth.

I’m a huge fan of sunsets. No one sunset is exactly the same, with some sunsets being orange, pink, or purple at times. Surrounding clouds will also add that oh so wonderful silver lining. I also love the beauty of the night with its many twinkling stars, the vast Milky Way, and seeing the dancing Northern or Southern Lights. I see posts on Facebook and Instagram of crystal beaches and mountains that look like they’re painted. The world we live in is so beautiful. 

Then I thought, my Lord and Savior didn’t die for the creation, as amazingly beautiful as it is. He died for human beings. Why? I’ll never this answer in full, but lately through my life and others lives I’ve got to see the strength of the Spirit inside of humans. We can get through some horrific tragedies and people will still see the light and love of God. That is, if we choose to view our hardship as a chance for Christ to be seen. So, for my warriors who face their hardships whether it’s an internal ongoing hardship or an external hardship that may or may not be temporary, know I’m praying for you always for strength each day. Karl Bowdle this especially goes out to you. You’ve been an inspiration to me and many others in spite of your sickness and God is the center of your conversation. I pray that God continues to keep your Spirit strong whether or not you are healed.

In conclusion, my brothers and sisters near and far off, remember that you are created in God’s image and His Spirit can get you through anything. Also know that we are not meant to stay on this earth and hence the reason why we struggle here ( Romans 8:18-30). Keep your mind ever on Christ and let those lost know of the hope beyond this world.

Give Up On A Dream? Never!!!

This was a post from Facebook from the time I graduated from physical therapy school. I had the dream of being a physical therapist since I was in high school and just had no desire to pursue any other profession. Glad I never gave up. This profession definitely has its rough moments but it is still worth the difficulties I went through to get there.

Facebook post:

My grad school journey has been rougher than some. However, I kept going at a point when most would quit. Don’t let anyone including yourself tell you that you can’t get it done. Let NOTHING hold you back and keep a positive outlook no matter how bleak it looks. I’m blessed to be where I’m at today and am truly thankful. 🙂