Forgiveness…Only For You?

Been thinking about forgiveness lately. I often hear the phrase, “Forgiveness is not for the other person, it’s for you.” In all honesty, I don’t agree entirely with this statement. I do agree with letting go of hurt that is currently holding you back. I do agree with the fact that holding back forgiveness will continue to fester bitterness inside you and make you inclined to take that bitterness out on others who don’t deserve it. You may be justified in your hate, but you’ll never be free from the offense.
Bigger question still, what about the other person? There are offenders out there that are truly evil without a willingness tho change. But some reading this know that someone whose been hurt will at times go on to hurt others, because the hurt is all they know. And the vicious cycle goes on. Truly heartbreaking how that perpetuates. I’m grateful for the One who has the key to break this awful cycle.
Last question, what is God’s view on forgiveness? Is the reason why he died on the cross and poured out forgiveness for himself alone? I highly doubt that. He offered His grace because of Love, because of the initial good he created us for, being made in His image and to restore us from being separate from Him because of sin. We are definitely worth dying for.
I believe this, because I’m created in God’s image and because of the power He gave to me, I can forgive even major offenses that have been dealt me. I sincerely believe that is possible. Also, I see how broken this world is and how the Evil One only seeks to hurt and pile lies on top of the hurt. All this hurt is definitely not what God wants for anyone. May we have compassion on all those hurting.
For those going through the struggle of forgiving, I’m right there with you and am praying for you. I ask for prayers as I work toward forgiving the way Christ would forgive and not just for my own exoneration.

Be An Influence…Even As A Female

I haven’t written something in a while. Kinda going through a writer’s block I guess. Anyway, my church in Huntsville brought up the topic of gender roles which has been controversial between the Church of Christ denominations. I’m not writing this to tell you my stance on the issue, but something for my sisters to be thinking about. I have traveled to different churches, some were very conservative and others pretty progressive that do things that would definitely bother conservative churches. When it comes to the more conservative churches, some of my sisters wonder where they fit and may feel stifled by what they can’t do because they are female. It breaks my heart to know that some of my sisters feel as if they can’t be effective because they are a woman. One thing I have noticed when I traveled was no matter the church, I aimed to encourage. And my presence at every church did not go unnoticed, conservative or progressive. I’m not saying that to brag. I’m saying that because I’m a single female who makes an impact because of the gift of encouragement given to me from the One I love the most. I can make an impact anywhere God has placed me. I have the ability to influence through the words I speak. So my encouragement to those reading is this, don’t focus on the things in the church you’re not allowed to do, but think of everything that you can do. Ask Him for insight on what your gifts are. And don’t just think about the church you’re currently attending, your brothers and sisters are all over this world. We need to aim to help all of our brothers and sisters. I hope my sisters are especially encouraged by this. Love to all my brothers and sisters near and far.

Closure Necessary?

Greetings ladies and gentlemen! So, for awhile I’ve been thinking about closure in many aspects from relationships, friendships and family bonds. Closure is something we seek to be able to move on with life. But, a lot can agree with me that sometimes life doesn’t always afford you closure. I can think of 5 things in my life I don’t have closure on. I’m going to keep specifics out for privacy of others. I’ve dealt with harm coming to me and wondering if justice would come for many years, people who I adore who don’t talk to me anymore for whatever reason despite me reaching out, and people passing away without knowing the reason why. Is it a strong desire for me to have an answer for these things that have happened? Yes. Do I have to have an answer to these things to live a meaningful life? No. The reason why I don’t need an answer is because the One I love the most holds all the answers and at the end of my life I will know everything I need to know. If closure always happened here on earth and every answer provided for me here, I wouldn’t look to heaven for my answers or peace or comfort during hard times. Our focus should ALWAYS be on Him, whether or not we have an answer. Depend upon Him when you don’t have an answer you’ve been seeking for years. Also, others who are struggling like you may need help with making peace with their situation. So, don’t hesitate to help. For my brothers and sisters struggling right now, know I’m always praying for you and that you can find peace in Him who knows every fabric of your being. Love to all of you.πŸ˜˜πŸ’—

For Good or for Bad

Well, this time ladies and gentlemen I’ve been thinking about how social media is used. Lately, I feel it’s getting a bad wrap. Social media had been blamed for the reason why people don’t interact, why people are violent, addiction, and this list can go on. However, like many other things social media is a tool. The dangerous thing about it is that it is a very effective tool compared to other forms of media from the past. We can reach a large amount of people much faster than in the past. So, should social media be blamed for some of the negative things happening linked to it? What about the good things social media has brought to the table? Such as being able to see a loved one face to face who is far away, or all those cute filters on Snapchat, setting up fund pages for those in need, or the beautiful pics you see on blogs and on Instagram? Seeing formations that look like bacon and eggs in a cave is always awesome. How could I not share that?πŸ˜„ So, I think social media is good if we as human beings use it for good and within reason. We can also use it for ineffective or destructive purposes. So, we need to help each other with accountability with social media, especially if we tend to be buried in it for long periods. I’m included in this because I could easily play games for hours. So, join me in using social media for positivity and try our hardest to reduce the negativity that we see. Love to my brothers and sisters near and far!πŸ˜˜πŸ’—