Dancing and His Will

Hello everyone! I took quite the hiatus from writing something since coming to Oregon, but there is something today I’ve been itching to say. I love to dance! And I’ve been taking ballroom lessons, which is so much fun! Anyway, at church I’ve also been going through a study with the ladies group about God’s will for our lives. Why am I mentioning ballroom lessons and God’s will in the same spiel here?

Well….as a Christian we want to do God’s will correct? We also want a relationship with God as well? One thing pointed out in the study I’m doing is some of us being more focused on anticipating God’s will rather than being still in his presence so we can better hear Him. Especially at times when He is “silent”. So, when I’m dancing sometimes I try to anticipate the leader’s next move, especially when the dance feels awkward. My anticipation of the next move is sometimes wrong. What my teachers have been continuing to teach me is learning to connect with them. Once you figure out how to connect, it’s much easier for you to be lead, and you don’t have to anticipate the next move. And the dance flows so much better! So, same with God, we have to practice our connection with Him and we won’t have to try to anticipate His next move, we’ll know it based upon the connection.

Practice is key here! I have to practice my connection with God as well as connecting to my partner in ballroom dance.

Hope this encourages you all. Love to my brothers and sisters near and far.😘❤💃