What is Patriotism? Part 1

Courtesy of Air Force Times

So, I’m trying to present this topic from as many sides as possible. So, it will be broken down into multiple parts.
So, this person I spoke to was a black female and her answer entailed sacrificing for a country that may not always have your back. Because of the opportunities you currently have and because you hope for a better future for your children in America you fight for your country. She talked about the Tuskegee Airmen. They didn’t get the best treatment in the military, nor the better planes. However, they risked their lives anyway and demonstrated superb skills that we still commemorate today. After their fight was over, they came back to a country still segregated in restaurants, healthcare, bathrooms, transportation, etc. Even after fighting in World War II, these men continued to fight for equality in our country through politics, education, and just traveling and spreading the word about their sacrifice. That……amazes me. They didn’t allow bitterness or hatred of others to stop their fight for equality. They continued to fight the good fight throughout their lives. They aimed to make America better. I’m grateful to them for fighting for our country, uniting what was divided, and helping this country grow. 
There’s more to come! Stay tuned!

Preparation, Hope, and Righteousness

These past few weeks I’ve been thinking about all the things that have happened. To the earthquake in Mexico, the hurricanes that came to America, to the controversy with the NFL, and the recent Las Vegas shooting.

So, with all these things happening so close together it’s tempting to think Christ will be coming any moment especially with everything happening in nature. Well, Christ could come back tomorrow or 10 years from now. There’s no telling. If the Son doesn’t know the day or the hour, we as humans certainly won’t . It’s best to keep the parable of the Ten Virgins in mind (Matthew 25:1-13) and always be prepared!

When it comes to the NFL and the question of patriotism, this is a topic that can easily divide Americans. I will be speaking more on this in future posts, because this controversy really bothers me and breaks my heart to continue to see this division. Anyway, it’s wise at this point to have a conversation with your brother or sister in Christ who you know would have an opposing view, instead of making an assumption based on what is seen.

Last thing I will say(promise!), is the sadness with the Las Vegas shooting. My heart breaks for the victims of those shot and for the family of the shooter. The main thing that breaks my heart is the question why won’t be answered. The reason why the people at the concert got shot won’t be answered. The reason why the shooter committed suicide and his premeditation for the weapons he acquired beforehand won’t be answered. And it’s easy to be angry at God for all this and go into despair because the solution to prevent this in the future is so elusive. However, like I said before, continue to look to heaven and always remember my brothers and sisters that we don’t belong here. Hence the reason why we suffer here. All these events happening should incite us all the more to do what is right and let those lost know the hope we have. 

Love to all my brothers and sisters near and far.💗