For Good or for Bad

Well, this time ladies and gentlemen I’ve been thinking about how social media is used. Lately, I feel it’s getting a bad wrap. Social media had been blamed for the reason why people don’t interact, why people are violent, addiction, and this list can go on. However, like many other things social media is a tool. The dangerous thing about it is that it is a very effective tool compared to other forms of media from the past. We can reach a large amount of people much faster than in the past. So, should social media be blamed for some of the negative things happening linked to it? What about the good things social media has brought to the table? Such as being able to see a loved one face to face who is far away, or all those cute filters on Snapchat, setting up fund pages for those in need, or the beautiful pics you see on blogs and on Instagram? Seeing formations that look like bacon and eggs in a cave is always awesome. How could I not share that?😄 So, I think social media is good if we as human beings use it for good and within reason. We can also use it for ineffective or destructive purposes. So, we need to help each other with accountability with social media, especially if we tend to be buried in it for long periods. I’m included in this because I could easily play games for hours. So, join me in using social media for positivity and try our hardest to reduce the negativity that we see. Love to my brothers and sisters near and far!😘💗