​It Takes All Kinds

I’ve been thinking a lot about choices in life that people make that others for one reason or another don’t agree with. From the single person who doesn’t want to be married, to the couple who decides to not have children, to a young woman whose main desire is to be a wife and mother, to that guy who names his dog a number (LOL!), and the girl who names her bird after Spanish colors (that would be me). I’m not being so serious about the last two of course. I’ve heard criticism for just about any lifestyle, actually. But you know, it takes all kinds of people to make this world work and progress. People like the Apostle Paul spread God’s Word to a vast part of the world, Oprah known for her philanthropy, and Our dear Lord and Savior took away the sins of the world. People like this are needed in this world for sure. For someone to say every single person should be married or life is worth nothing may want to rethink what they say. Now, Paul, Oprah, and Jesus didn’t come into this world without mothers. So to the young woman who really wants to be a mother should aim to be one. People telling her that she should be traveling and finding herself and not to bother with marriage and family at a young age may need to back track what they say here, too. Marriage and children are a blessing from God and that should be supported no matter the age. Also, couples who decide to not have children are often viewed as selfish. But what if that couple is aware that they may not be suited for parenthood? I know of one married woman who is quite selfless and contributes to many charities and is always giving to people in need. Yet, she knows she’s not the mothering type. I mean, should she really be criticized? So, all that to say, every stage of life has an opportunity and the choices made for the good and well being of others should be praised, not criticized or pitied because it’s not “typical”. So make aims to celebrate every person who is striving to make this world a better place whether it’s traditional or novel. God has placed all kinds here for His Glory.

Hope you understand the point of the fruit bowl.