Don’t Even Dare To Compare!

This goes with criticizing others paths that they take in life that I wrote on before. Comparing ourselves to others is also something that can be dangerous for our well being and can distract us from God. I spoke to someone who told me their family member is very successful and they will never catch up to them. The fact that they knew they would never catch up really bothered them. I’ve been there as well. I have a friend who didn’t go through the trials I had in life and her life looks relatively easy. I remember being mad at God for making my life the way it is and not like my friend’s life. I realized later with myself and with that person who feels like they will never measure up to their family member that my journey in life isn’t the other person’s journey in life. God had me going through the trials in my life to help others who are going through the same trials to find peace. And as for the person who compares themselves to that family member, they have actually been a trailblazer in different realms of their life and has been a huge encouragement to me. Also, making your life like someone else’s life distracts you from the life God has planned for you specifically. And God definitely wants your undivided attention! And His opinion about your life is the only opinion that truly matters. 😉 Rest in the fact that your life works in the grand plan God is working out for all of those who He loves! And I sincerely believe when I see Christ beyond here it will all make sense.