His Dream is My Dream

I felt like writing this in the light of what is going on today. The “I Have A Dream” speech I want to always ring true. However, I see much division in the nation. I see more mistrust on either side than I care to see. Even amongst my own brothers and sisters in Christ. This cuts me to the heart. On both sides, people seek to be understood before seeking to understand. People make dangerous assumptions, based on how someone looks. I don’t only mean black and white. I mean people from different parts of the world. We say someone is “privileged” or “oppressed” simply because of how they look. When you sit down and have a conversation you may realize that someone may have it worse off or better off than you. Have that conversation before making an assumption! Especially, if you’re a Christian. Regard no one from a worldly point of view. Every human being is created in God’s image and we need to aim to see them the way God sees them (1 Samuel 16:7). Yes, this is long, but just like MLK aimed for people to be judged by the content of their character and aim for us all to work together, I aim to do the same. So thankful for Dr. King’s example and the bold spirit God gave him.

Merry Christmas!!!

This is a joyous time for many, share your joy, happiness, and blessings with others. This is a bittersweet time for many, remember how the hard times brought you to where you are today and help others with your newfound strength. This is also a rough and trying time for many, know I’m praying for you and I hope you find comfort in others to help you through the trials. Above all, be thankful to the One who gave you life. He is always watching out for you no matter the circumstance.

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In light of what has happened some are angry, some are joyful, some are despaired, others have hope. It is very easy to let something like this divide our nation, because some of us have very strong political views. If you’re a Christian keep in mind that any house divided against itself will fall. Take care not to let any kind of worldly view divide us from our brother and sister in Christ, we need each other! Especially when it comes to advancing the cause of Christ, who is the center of our existence! As for being an American, my aim is to do whatever I can as a citizen to make this country a better place. I’m not depending upon someone else to make this country great by them alone. America is made of many people and many of us have an opportunity to make things better where we are. Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country. Sound familiar? WE Christians, WE Americans can be the change we want to see. America is great when we work together, not when we are divided. Christianity thrives when we are in one accord, not when there is discord amongst us.