The Many Colors They See

Broken Clouds, 21°C

Nerd Time!👓
I learned about the mantis shrimps from Radiolabs. Pretty interesting podcast. Cool thing about them is all the colors they can see due to having 16 photoreceptors. Dogs have two receptors (green and blue), we humans have 3 (red, green, and blue), butterflies have 6 (they can see ultraviolet along with the colors we see). The mantis shrimp sees so many more colors. I wish I could see what all these colors looked like. No one knows the real reason why they see so many colors. They have only concluded so far that it may be for mating and as showing another shrimp dominance or defense. God is amazing with his creation and there are still mysteries with His creation that we have yet to figure out. 🍤🌈

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