What is Patriotism? Part 1

Courtesy of Air Force Times

So, I’m trying to present this topic from as many sides as possible. So, it will be broken down into multiple parts.
So, this person I spoke to was a black female and her answer entailed sacrificing for a country that may not always have your back. Because of the opportunities you currently have and because you hope for a better future for your children in America you fight for your country. She talked about the Tuskegee Airmen. They didn’t get the best treatment in the military, nor the better planes. However, they risked their lives anyway and demonstrated superb skills that we still commemorate today. After their fight was over, they came back to a country still segregated in restaurants, healthcare, bathrooms, transportation, etc. Even after fighting in World War II, these men continued to fight for equality in our country through politics, education, and just traveling and spreading the word about their sacrifice. That……amazes me. They didn’t allow bitterness or hatred of others to stop their fight for equality. They continued to fight the good fight throughout their lives. They aimed to make America better. I’m grateful to them for fighting for our country, uniting what was divided, and helping this country grow. 
There’s more to come! Stay tuned!

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