Carpe Diem

I can’t believe I haven’t posted anything since February! AAAAHHH!Well, I’m back, at the end of April! Shaking my head at my own self at this moment!

So, a touchy subject for many. In light of sad things that have happened these past few weeks from Barbara Bush, Erin Popivich, and then having a dear patient pass, it’s just difficult to talk about death. Our culture usually wants to avoid talking about it because it makes us think of someone departing and the immense hurt it will leave us. And we want to stay positive, right? Why talk about this negative subject?
Well, there is some wisdom in Carpe Diem, Seize the Day. We don’t know what tomorrow may bring and we’re not guaranteed even tomorrow. Lindsey Tyler is that weighing reminder for me. Lindsey and his brothers were like having an extra three rambunctious brothers. My parents would have the Tyler family over at our house regularly for bible studies and we would play outside while they were having bible study. I miss Lindsey still. We still don’t know what he died of. He was so healthy and was the youngest of the Tyler brothers. Crazy thing was I witnessed his entire life. I was seven when he was born so I remember him as a baby and when I was 29 he passed away at 22. He definitely made me think about not taking my life for granted even though I’m still young. I want to live my best life here and do everything I can for the One I Love the most. And, the important thing is to do this now, and not wait for the “right” or “perfect” time. That time may never come. Just like Barbara Bush leaving an impression we can carry her legacy forward along with carrying the legacy of those who have passed before us. And, btw, if you’re a Christian, we shouldn’t be fearing death (preaching to myself), but carrying Christ’s legacy forward and giving others hope of a better life than this current one. Praying for all of my brothers and sisters near and far who are hurting at this time. My heart aches for you. May you find strength in God and His Almighty power. 💗

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