This is my journey with its ups, downs, crazy times and peaceful times. Just like the average human being. The one thing that can make a person’s life awesome or depressing is their perspective. As a person seeking the love of God, I aim to keep a positive mindset even in the down and crazy times. I also want to spread positivity and healing to anyone I meet along my life’s journey.

The theme of Psyche the Butterfly Perspective comes from my favorite love story of Psyche and Cupid. Psyche went through trials and after she had gone through them was able to experience the joys of heaven. In Greek mythology, Psyche is represented by a butterfly. So, I firmly believe that a person can’t truly understand and cherish the love of God unless they go through trials. That person will also not see the powerful spirit that God knows they have the potential to have.

Word of warning! I’m a random person and my posts will have random things from pictures, poems, nerd moments, and some entries from my journaling. Hope your encouraged and blessed!

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